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Re: Any Qube 2700 users

Andy Ruhl wrote:
On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 9:39 PM, Mike Hebel <nimitz%nimitzbrood.com@localhost> 
I just turned one off to save power because it really was idling.  I can try
and hit it with a restore CD later this week if that's okay?

No big deal. I have a Qube 2 and I was looking to get a backup machine
because it's doing some stuff that I would miss if it broke. I see a
Qube 2700 for a decent deal on Ebay is all.

What version is your 2700 running now?

Nothing at the moment it's off.  ;-)

Seriously I don't recall it may be on 4 but I do recall trying one of the Qubes on 5. I'll fire it up tomorrow and see what it's running. (It's currently buried in the rack in the garage.)


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