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-current kernels for/on cobalt do not work nearly half a year now !


Since mid of December 2009 booting a -current kernel for/on my cobalt qube2
fails ending up with:

  root on wd0a dumps on wd0b
  root file system type: ffs
  pid 1(init): ABI set to O32 (e_flags=0x1007)
  panic: init died (signal 0, exit 1)
  Stopped in pid 1.1 (init) at    0x80044ae4:     jr      ra
                  bdslot: nop

This happens with -current kernels and a netbsd-5 userland.

Maybe other mips based machines have a similar problem (AFAIR from reading
the lists).

-> Are there plans/chances to solve this problem?

Or did I miss some required config changes in the meantime?

Any help/comment appreciated,


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