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NetBSD/cobalt 5.1_RC1 restorecd

5.1_RC1 binaries have been ready, so I've built and put
5.1_RC1 based NetBSD/cobalt restorecd:

No particular changes restorecd installation procedure itself.
Briefly tested on Qube 2 with an old ThinkPad as i386 server.

See also "Restore CD Howto" for details:

Generic updates/fixes on 5.1_RC1 can be found here:

Some highlights:
 - fixed NetBSD-SA2009-004 - NetBSD-SA-2009-013
 - BIND 9.5.2-P2, fixing CVE-2009-0025
 - postfix(1) 2.6.5
 - nvi(4) 1.81.6nb5, including misc fixes
 - pkg_install(8) 20100204 (allow using newer pkgsrc without bootstrap)
 - open source HAL for ath(4)
 - misc smbfs and ext2fs fixes
 - misc PCI wm(4), bge(4), bnx(4) and re(4) Ethernet fixes
 - several siisata(4) fixes
 - better behavior after crash with corrupted wapbl(4) root filesystem
 - no "Invalid argument" error messages on booting restorecd on i386

If you see any problem, please report here or via send-pr(1).
Izumi Tsutsui

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