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Re: mips64 on port-cobalt

>>>>> "Andy" == Andy Ruhl <acruhl%gmail.com@localhost> writes:

    Andy> Same thing with gxemul as well (get it from pkgsrc). It's
    Andy> worth a shot to see if it works if you make changes:

    Andy> gxemul -E Cobalt -x cobalt64

Just a follow up:

Now actual -current 'cobalt64' kernels boot some how in gxemul, but
these kernels still don't boot on my real qube 2:

  Starting at 0x80001000
  panic: CPU type (0xffffffff) not supported
  Type 1 @0xffffffff80f11220
  Type 2 @0xffffffff80f1122c
  Type 3 @0xffffffff80f11284
  Type 1 @0xffffffff80f11220
  Type 2 @0xffffffff80f1122c
  Type 3 @0xffffffff80f11284
  Type 4 @0xffffffff80f11298
  Type 5 @0xffffffff80f112a4
  invalid bootinfo (standalone boot?)

Anything I can test?


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