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restorecd script


I'm currently trying to install NetBSD onto some cobalt qubes (2700 and 2).
Trying the 5.0_BETA cd downloaded from ftp, did work on the qube 2 but not
on the 2700.  I traced the problem to the console being enabled instead of
tty00 (which contradicts the comment just above the console entry in /etc/ttys).
I suspect a "panic: init died", but didn't verify that.  Reverting it (i.e.
enabling tty00 and disabling console in /nfsroot/etc/ttys on the restorecd)
made the installation work, but I had to do the same after installation in
/etc/ttys on the qube in order to startup the box.

When looking into this, I wondered about the version of the ttys file and
found that some of the files in /etc are not from the netbsd-5 branch, but
are quite old versions that obviously come from the restorecd creation script.
 The same is true for (most of?) the other files that come from the restorecd
script (e.g. inetd.conf).

BTW, there is _no_ version of the src/etc/etc.cobalt/ttys file that enables
the console instead of tty00!

Could this be fixed, please?


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