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Re: Firewire/USB Card for Qube 2

> All ehci/uhci/ohci use DMA properly, but they don't
> handle cache invalidate/writeback on their DMA ops,
> which is required by most MIPS based machines
> but not necessary for x86 PCs.
> ---
> Izumi Tsutsui

Sorry... I misinterpreted your words.
I have another question, unrelated to USB, but
important for the networking.

Speaking of speeds, frequencies and bandwidths seems
that regardless of the speed of the Ethernet adapters
the Qube 2 can not go beyond 10MBits/s speed.

Is it possible that they is not performing up to their
specification because of low bus frequency,
competitions or slow IRQ response?

It is a puzzle, since there is no way for me to check
the circuits or analyse the motherboard Ethernet


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