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Firewire/USB Card for Qube 2

Dear all,

I was going to get myself one of those PCI combo cards to *finally* hook up some external drives to my Qube2. The one I have in mind right now:


It's based on VIA controllers, VT6306 for Firewire-400 and VT6214 for USB 2.0, and I've seen a bunch of dmesg dumps around that indicate these are supported by NetBSD.

Sadly enough the regular PCI hardware list doesn't include cards like this, and the USB list focuses on USB devices, not controllers. :-/

Does anyone have a clue whether this chipset will work in my Qube2/ NetBSD 4.0? IIRC I need to compile a new kernel, but hey, that's no problem as long as the support is there... :-)


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