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restorecd script update

I wrote:

> Anyway, I'll update restorecd script with dumb Makefile
> to automate build.
> I'll change the script to use makefs(1) built from
> NetBSD toolchain rather than optional mkisofs(1).

Here is an updated one:

See CHANGES file for details:

[20080510] Script improvements for easy build

(Note no changes in cobalt binaries to be installed)

 - prepare dumb Makefile to build restorecd.iso
   (you still need wget or rsync to get release files)
 - use makefs(8) which is built from NetBSD toolchain
   rather than optional mkisofs(8)
 - use GENERIC like kernel for i386 server with
   no-emul-boot support on creating bootable CD image
 - let init(8) create device nodes on netboot cobalt
   and remove all device nodes from restorecd image
   so that su(1) root is no longer needed to create image
 - add a workaround for a permission problem on

Izumi Tsutsui

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