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New Qube2 owner with questions.

Hi there,

I've managed to bag myself a very nice condition Qube2, I came across mention of them from an SGI user group and decided it was just what I need for a small and discreet home NAS. So I did a search and found myself one .. just it had no power supply :-( Still easily fixed with a cheap 12V 5Amp PSU and a paper clip broken in half to be the "connector" ;-) .. getting some of those KPPX-3P connectors from the US shortly.

Anyhow the Qube2 has now been upgraded to 256Mb of RAM (must be fate to have a bag of the correct 128MB 72 pin EDO 3.3V SIMMs in the cupboard :-) and shall soon be getting a 750GB drive.

I've done a test install of NetBSD 4.0 from a RestoreCD kindly created up uploaded by Sevan / Venture37 ... thanks! :-) And that was remarkably painless. (well I did have to create a virtual machine in Parallels, boot the CD in the guest and have my internet router disconnected so it's DHCP server didn't clash :-)

The questions I have are both techie related to the Qube2 and to NetBSD:

1) Can I boot from a IDE Cardflash adapter (jumpered as Master) and have a 750GB drive as the slave on the built in IDE ? Master/Slave works OK with the built in IDE ? I'll move swap to the 750GB drive once it's installed. I'm pretty sure I can secure the compact flash card somewhere safe inside the Qube.

2) What PCI devices are supported by the Cobalt port of NetBSD ? I'd like to put in a something like a Firewire/USB combo or eSATA/USB combo (like the Adaptec Duo connect) so if I want to put in more storage later I can hook it up externally .. eSATA or Firewire would be nicer than USB, but USB is still a "must have" option :-)

3) What filesystems are supported by NetBSD ? I'd quite like to format with a journaled filesystem as the power in my area is a little flakey so I need something robust. Can an existing filesystem created by the RestoreCD be converted online ? Or the RestoreCD amended to use a different filesystem ?

4) How do I install packages for the Cobalt port using "pkgsrc" ? It wants to be pointed at a repository but I don't know where to look for them yet :-(

5)  How do I do an upgrade of NetBSD ?  Is it a re-install thing ?

6) Does the Cobalt port (from that RestoreCD) have all the tools required to make a new RestoreCD ? And build new kernels etc ?

7) Can the two network interfaces be bound into one logical interface with a single IP ?


PS. Apologies if this double posts .. wrestling with Seamonkey.

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