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Re: Long downloads, network frozen

I wrote:

> attroppa%yahoo.com@localhost wrote:
> > > Hmm, traffic load through two tulip Ethernet?
> > > Additionally, do you use ipnat or pf etc?
>  :
> > Yes. I have a single network inside and it is NAT-ed.
> > The Internet connection is acquired by DHCP, but all
> > internal settings are strict and with manual setup.
> Ok, now I can reproduce the problem on heavy ip forwording
> between two tlp interfaces, even without ipfilter.
> It looks interrupts are still alive but ipintrq
> (which is called from softintr(9)) is mangled.
> I'm not sure how such problem is caused though..

Okay, it's my bug (botched spl(9)) introduced back in 3.99.18.

Please try these kernels or patches:

For -current:

For netbsd-4 (4.0_STABLE):

My apologies for inconvenience,
Izumi Tsutsui

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