Subject: Re: questions about latest beta iso
To: James Hartley <>
From: Maxim Belooussov <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/30/2007 08:39:43
Hi all,

Thank you for explanation, my remarks below.

> 4.0/Cobalt as the client, but I haven't finished the work yet.  I have
> been busy.
I'd gladly test the latest ISOs when they come available.

> > Why does default install use telnetd instead of sshd? Cobalt has
> > enough processing power to run ssh without any problems. Or is this
> > feature generic to all NetBSD?
> This is on my list, but it isn't a high priority at the moment.
> You're the first person to publically ask for it as far as I know.
> Maybe changing the install vector will make it into the restore CD,
> but I will not promise at this point, but there is still time before
> the formal release of NetBSD 4.0.

> > If I want to use ralink wireless card on the qube, do I have to
> > compile the kernel myself, or will ral(4) driver be included in
> > GENERIC sometime soon?
> This was discussed in passing on this mailing list about a month ago.
> Although no definitive decision was made, there are those that will
> argue against putting wireless drivers into the default configuration.
>  I tend to agree.  The driver is still there for those who want it;
> they simply have enable the configuration & recompile the kernel.

I was thinking about running dmasg, generating kernel config, and then
adding some wireless/usb drivers to the kernel. As I understand from
the archive, there is no limit on kernel size, and not too many
network drivers neither, so should be doable. I'll try it this week.

Ideally, the restore disk might include/copy during install all
relevant binary packages that can be used for creating an access
point/small server (wpa_supplicant, samba, etc), but this is rather
wishful thinking at this point :)