Subject: Re: questions about latest beta iso
To: Maxim Belooussov <>
From: James Hartley <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/29/2007 15:10:16
On 8/29/07, Maxim Belooussov <> wrote:
> Digging a little deeper I've realized that latest beta2 restore cd is based
> on NetBSD 1.6 (that doesn't have wm driver, so it seems). Why is 1.6 used
> instead of 3.99?

The 4.0_BETA2 restore CD's are based on the last community tested
restore CD which was for NetBSD 3.0.  I went this direction because
this is what is described
in the Restore CD FAQ, & it was simple to implement.  Unfortunately,
it has a few rough edges, but it is only an interim solution.  I made
these CD's available to the community as a convenience & help
facilitate the testing of 4.0_BETA2.  I'm working on refreshing
Dennis' 3.99 work which will use 4.0/i386 as the host & obviously
4.0/Cobalt as the client, but I haven't finished the work yet.  I have
been busy.

> Why does default install use telnetd instead of sshd? Cobalt has
> enough processing power to run ssh without any problems. Or is this
> feature generic to all NetBSD?

This is on my list, but it isn't a high priority at the moment.
You're the first person to publically ask for it as far as I know.
Maybe changing the install vector will make it into the restore CD,
but I will not promise at this point, but there is still time before
the formal release of NetBSD 4.0.

> If I want to use ralink wireless card on the qube, do I have to
> compile the kernel myself, or will ral(4) driver be included in
> GENERIC sometime soon?

This was discussed in passing on this mailing list about a month ago.
Although no definitive decision was made, there are those that will
argue against putting wireless drivers into the default configuration.
 I tend to agree.  The driver is still there for those who want it;
they simply have enable the configuration & recompile the kernel.