Subject: questions about latest beta iso
To: None <>
From: Maxim Belooussov <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/29/2007 23:20:18
Hi all,

Got some questions:

1. I've downloaded 4.0_BETA2restorecd200708270002Z.iso and tried to
boot from it on my Thinkpad T42. My network card (intel, comes up as
"wm0") did not get detected. Restore CD, release NetBSD 3.99.17, did
recognize laptop's NIC without any problem. Digging a little deeper
I've realized that latest beta2 restore cd is based on NetBSD 1.6
(that doesn't have wm driver, so it seems). Why is 1.6 used instead of

2. Why does default install use telnetd instead of sshd? Cobalt has
enough processing power to run ssh without any problems. Or is this
feature generic to all NetBSD?

3. If I want to use ralink wireless card on the qube, do I have to
compile the kernel myself, or will ral(4) driver be included in
GENERIC sometime soon?