Subject: Re: difference between RaQ & CacheRaQ?
To: list NetBSD Cobalt <>
From: Richard Hamilton-Frost <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/25/2007 14:22:08
I have a CacheRaQ 2, Basically, they are just used as a proxy server,
they have 2 network interfaces, one for the WAN and one for LAN, they
come with none of the software for hosting, cache sizes, blocking
websites, access lists, etc.

On 25/08/07, James Hartley <> wrote:
> Attempting to flesh out some of the information in the FAQ, I ran into
> the following through Google:
> Does anyone know the difference between the RaQ & CacheRaQ?  It
> appears to only be a difference in supplied software, but where I
> found this information was hazy at best...
> Thanks.
> Jim