Subject: Re: RQube2 stuck on fsck
To: Glyn Astill <>
From: Andy Ruhl <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/06/2007 06:50:31
On 8/6/07, Glyn Astill <> wrote:
> Well it's crashed before and fsck has only taken about 30 minutes
> max.
> Left it on all last night and it was still stuck on fsck this
> morning. Thats a good 8 hours, and I couldn't hear any disk activity.

That seems like a problem. If you have an i386 box, it might be easier
to put the disk in there and try fsck on there and see if it works.

Do you know if you can force a "break" with the serial console? This
is the sysctl you'd need to know how it was set:

 > sysctl ddb.fromconsole
ddb.fromconsole = 0

I think it either is or was set to 1 by default, but if you want to
use a serial console you have to set it to 0 or it will panic the box
every time you log in with a serial console.

But in this case, forcing a panic would be useful to see where you're
stuck. Seems like a bug that should be fixed. fsck shouldn't hang.

(I guess if you know fsck is hung, that means you are using a serial
console. If you use it from the beginning at boot time, having this
sysctl set to 1 isn't necessarily going to cause a panic I think.)