Subject: Re: Current kernel: *** Failed target: machdep.o
To: Dennis <>
From: Robert P. Thille <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/17/2007 12:04:15
Dennis wrote:
> Hello Everyone.
> After having no luck in binary upgrading my qube2 to the new current and 
> having no experiences in debugging a kernel or how to do this over a 
> serial port (sorry), I just reinstalled 3.99.17 with the restore cd and 
> got me the src tar balls.
> I know that 3.99.17 isn't stable, but I knew it wouldn't crash in the 
> first 12h of compiling. I thought this would give me enough time to 
> build the toolchain and a new kernel and then reboot with this kernel to 
> build the userland. That was my theory.
> I had no trouble building the toolchain, but compiling the kernle always 
> fails (I tried it with the GENERIC and the INSTALL config). It alway 
> fails at this point:
> ------------------------------------------------------

When trying to build current, it's a good idea to check the 
current-users mailing list (or archive thereof) and the release 
engineering website:

Here's the latest build (failure) output for cobalt:

> I have no clue if I have made a mistake or what is wrong. Can somebody 
> give me a hint what I can try to make it compile?

Looks like (from another email) you should just need to cvs update the 
file that was failing and then rebuild...

> Thanks a lot for all the support :)

Glad you complained, I'd just been hoping someone would notice and fix 
it :-)


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