Subject: PCI bus speeds- a bit better?
To: list Cobalt NetBSD <>
From: Brian McEwen <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/09/2007 23:38:40
Is/ was someone working on improving the PCI bus transfers?

With 3.99.7 (the -current boot CD built by Dennis C. and available  
from the NetBSD cobalt page) I obtained 367KB/sec using WinSCP over  
802.11g within the LAN from my XP machine, now with the 4.99.10 I'm  
getting 510KB/s from the same transfer.  How does this compare to  
what others see?

So it is a bit better- not sure if is just due to the kernel options  
I chose, or if there are details in a changelog I didn't notice/find.

This has been a good month for the Qube 2, thanks all for the help.   
I haven't had time to test the USB card but it seems like others have  
it working so if I have troubles it just a learning opportunity for  
me, most likely- hopefully this weekend.

Thanks all  for the work on this port-