Subject: Re: current kernel-- config issues
To: Andy Ruhl <>
From: None <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 02/23/2007 20:45:04
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From: "Andy Ruhl" <>

> I think this is the kind of thing you see when the kernel source and
> userland toolchain are not matched or close enough to the same.
> This is why I prefer to download the entire source tree, then use
> to first build the toolchain, then the kernel and other
> stuff. You are practically guaranteed to not have problems with the
> toolchain itself that way. User errors unfortunately are something
> else :)

Well, certain NetBSD docs want you to do it the other way :)
For example,, in addition to several (non hostsed) walk-throughs.

I did try to build the whole userland and it blew up, last week.
I am guessing that the config and other apps I need are in src/tools, so I'll try building just that and see if it goes.
Although I shouldn't be horribly off, there could certainly be changes preparing for 4.0 I guess (although I'm not tracking that specifically).

One of the syntax errors is at the maxusers line of the INSTALL file, which seem strange, I thought that has been present quite a while.

One piece at a time, I guess.