Subject: Re: Qube2/RaQ2 feasibility query
To: Rowdy <>
From: Pete Rushmere <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 02/10/2007 09:46:31
> > 1. Small Office mail server
> >
> > All mail for is currently delivered to a single ISP POP
> > server.  There's now a need to support multiple email addresses for the
> > domain.  I'd be looking for a mail server to support POP and/or IMAP
> > access from Outlook or other clients, retrieving the mail from the ISP's
> > POP server similar-to or using fetchmail and providing the corresponding
> > mail boxes.  Is there a recommended/preferred mail package for this on
> > the Cobalt/NetBSD platform (i.e. Dovecot)?  I would expect the clients
> > to use the ISP's SMTP server directly for outbound mail.  The ability to
> > additionally forward mail to other email addresses (via .forward or
> > similar) would also be desired.  Load is only 100-200 emails per day to
> > 2-5 LAN users.


	I currently use a Qube 2 for this very purpose, albeit for only 3 users and 
10 - 20 mails a day. As Rowdy says, this is what the Qube was intended for, 
and it works very well. All mail is gathered form my ISP by fetchmail and 
filtered for each user using procmail. The users can access their mailboxes 
via pop3 or imap and can relay mail via the Qube to my ISP's smtp server, 
this is handled by sendmail. To round things off, I installed Squirrelmail 
for a nice webmail interface, although it is painfully slow...

	I did start writing a guide for this at but as yet it 
is unfinished - work commitments and all that.

	The mailserver Qube is running NetBSD 3.0 and as yet I have experienced no 
networking problems at all. 

	Pre-compiled packages for the mail system can be found at


The manual said Windows XP or better, so I installed FreeBSD...