Subject: Re: what do you do with your qube(s)?
To: None <>
From: Thomas Feddersen <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 02/06/2007 22:50:47
Am 30.01.2007, 19:40 Uhr, schrieb Andreas Fuchs <>:

> The details are here:
> you have to read the:
> Power Management Hints and Tricks
Thanks Andreas,

I used the script mentioned under "/etc/apm/battery" and set the  
idle-timer to 60 seconds - it does the trick:
now the disk in my qube spins up approximately 5 times per hour - I assume  
atrun triggers that.

The drive has a rating of 300.000 Start/Stop Cycles, which - at the  
current rate - computes to 60.000 hours, which exceeds the designed  
component service life of 20.000 hours / 3 years (whichever comes first)  
by far.

Kind Regards
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