Subject: Re: make distribution: qube hangs
To: Dennis <>
From: Glyn Astill <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/30/2007 23:35:57
HI Dennis,

I'm using 3.99.17 from the restore CD I too get a hung machine when
doing long builds. Also when copying a large volume of files.

I think it may be something to do with 3.99.17 build being a bit

--- Dennis <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> last week I got the HDD for the qube2, so I downloaded the last
> Restore 
> CD from July 2006 (of course, current). The first thing I "tried"
> to do 
> was updating the the OS to the newest current version. So I got the
> tar 
> balls, unpacked them to /usr/src and build the toolchain.
> Next thing I tried to do was build the distribution and it took too
> long, therefore, I went to bed on friday. Next morning I took a
> look at 
> my shell and it hang, I couldn't ping the qube. So I had no chance,
> except rebooting. I started the build again and went to work. When
> I 
> came home (around 8 hours later), it was still running, but an hour
> later it hang again. I have tried to build distribution three times
> now, 
> and the qube freezes every time after around 6-10 hours.
> I really want to get qube to build packages and, unfortunatley, I
> don't 
> have a serial cable, so it doesn't make sense to cross compile the
> new 
> current, because I won't be able to install it.
> Has somebody build a newer restore CD or has somebody binary build
> of a 
> newer, more stable, current?
> Thank you so far!
> Bye,
> Dennis

Glyn Astill

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