Subject: Re: what do you do with your qube(s)?
To: None <>
From: Thomas Feddersen <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/30/2007 16:47:49
Am 30.01.2007, 13:24 Uhr, schrieb Brian McEwen <>:

> Does the HD power down with inactivity?

There is no inactivity.
I can stop the drive from spinning:
	Qube: {3} atactl wd0 standby
	Qube: {4} atactl wd0 checkpower
	Current power status: Standby mode
but after about one minute it spins up again:
	Qube: {21} atactl wd0 checkpower
	Current power status: Active mode
I suppose, spinning the drive up every minute will put more wear on it  
than letting it idle. So I didn't set any idle-timer.

If anyone can find a way of having the system not access the drive at  
one-minute-intervals please let me know.

Occasionally I check the status:
	Qube: {44}  atactl wd0 smart status
and find everything is reliable after 578 power-on days.

Kind Regards
Hamburg, GER
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Feddersen
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