Subject: Re: what do you do with your qube(s)?
To: None <>
From: Thomas Feddersen <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/30/2007 12:28:58
Am 18.01.2007, 05:05 Uhr, schrieb Justin Newcomer <>:
>my qube is bored
> What do you do with your Cobalt Qube?
I've replaced the harddrive with a 60 GB 2,5" notebook drive and pulled  
the fan. Mine works as the perfect fileserver IN my office, yes it's  
absolutely noisless and I love the green glow. It serves files to the  
wired LAN (samba). In addition it also synchronizes (unison) its data over  
the dsl-line (T-dsl 128kbps upstream) with an other server that I operate  
at my home place. This gives me convenience to be able to work from either  
home and/or office plus some disaster backup. So far, the uptimes have  
only been limited by the power grid in my office. I have stopped paneld,  
so load averages are low:
	Qube: {1} uptime
	10:25AM  up 161 days, 13:55, 1 user, load averages: 0.09, 0.09, 0.08
Qube with NetBSD 3.99.7 is the smoothest server I have and the one that  
requires the least attention. I'd like to have one more, so if any of you  
don't use theirs, please let me know.

Hamburg, GER
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