Subject: Re: System load?
To: Andy Ruhl <>
From: Glyn Astill <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/09/2007 13:15:41

Could you let me know how I can gather a log (sorry I'm a bit basic)
and I'll have a bash at this to see what it reveals.

--- Andy Ruhl <> wrote:

> If there's a problem, you guys really need to log into the console
> and
> gather the dump so a developer can look at it. It makes no sense to
> complain about things with no evidence of the problem.
> I'm not sure off hand if there is a way to tell ddb to
> automatically
> save a dump and reboot. If that's possible, you should set that and
> check for that. I've panicked my box, but it's been a while. I'm on
> NetBSD-3.1 on a Qube2 with a fairly generic kernel, and it's been
> pretty stable for me. I compile things from pkgsrc that take many,
> many hours and I've had no problems. It's functioning as a firewall
> and fileserver as well.
> Andy

Glyn Astill

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