Subject: Qube 2 - 1.6.1 and 3
To: 'list NetBSD Cobalt' <>
From: Claudio Leiva S <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/07/2007 15:18:03
Hi guys:

This is kind of wired, for long time I battled with 3 and my Qube and at
last I give up because:

1: The recovery cd never went further than "formating root"

2: That opportunities when I was able to get a full format disk (installing
3 over 1.6.1 so 3 can use the partitioning scheme made for 1.6.1), the
network problems make my life miserable, even after I recompile the kernel
with "options	sosend_no_loan", I was never able to transfer more than 4 gb
and then the qube stops responding.

But last Friday I decided to give my Qube another opportunity this time with
1.6.1, and suprise, everything went so perfect that it is hard to believe.

1: 1.6.1 was able to format a blank 160 gb hard drive (no previous

2: I was able to restore the complete backup of my data to the 160 gb hd
(almost 23 gb) without any problem, I never had to reboot the Qube.

So finally, any idea about what happend to me, is there any problem with 3
that make it inestable, because 1.6.1 runs solid like a rock.


Claudio Leiva
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Asunto: Re: Qube 2 package respetory

On 1/5/07, Dennis <> wrote:
> Okay, thats' a point, but, maybe, I will exclude KDE and Gnome, because
> they are too big and to heavey for a qube.

I'm pretty sure gtk2 won't build either. gtk1 will, and there are nice
apps that go with it.

I think we had someone who was doing mipsel builds on an NEC Mobilepro
or something at some point? Seems like a better idea to do it on a
Qube2... I'm not sure if there are any faster mipsel machines though.
Mine builds things, not super fast, but it's not too bad.