Subject: Re: Are tlp[01] weak for big traffic?
To: NAKAJI Hiroyuki <>
From: Robert P. Thille <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 12/08/2006 11:42:15
NAKAJI Hiroyuki wrote:

> Here, when I download large files such as iso images of NetBSD or Solaris
> Express on PC, the traffice rate at tlp0 and tlp1 decreases and finnally
> it becomes zero. And the PC gets offline.
> My assumption is following. What is the possibility?
> 1. RaQ 2 is too slow to handle large traffic.
> 2. The HUB I'm using on private subnet is too weak.
> 3. tlp(4) has some problem.
> 4. other

As a guess, I'd go with 5. ISP is limiting large downloads (and screwing 
it up), but I'd verify that with my ISP.

If you can, you could borrow/buy an off the shelf NAT device to take the 
RAQ out of the path and see if anything changes.


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