Subject: Re: Java and Qube 2 (NetBSD 3.99)
To: None <>
From: Robert Lougher <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/18/2006 14:21:29

What version of JamVM are you using (do jamvm -version)?  Also, did you try
to increase the maximum heap size using -Xmx?  E.g.

jamvm -Xmx192m <...>

By default JamVM has a maximum heap size of 128MB.  If you're using a
version older than 1.4.3 I'd suggest upgrading, as 1.4.3 has a compacting
garbage collector, which requires less memory to run.


Kenth Andersson-2 wrote:
> Hi,
> I've seen two mailes about this on the list before, but can't find  
> any answers.
> Is there anyone that as successfully compiled (pkgsrc) any java vm on  
> the Qube 2 running NetBSD 3.99 (restore CD installation)?
> I've tried jamvm, kaffe and suns own jre, non of them seams to compile.
> jamvm is the one that gave me greatest hope, but crashed in gnu  
> classpath due to "Out of memory" error, I got 256MB (Max mem size) in  
> my Qube, seams like jikes is heavy on memory usage.
> Would be great if anyone could come with input and maybe some  
> solutions and recommendations.
> Thanks,
> Kenth Andersson

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