Subject: Re: Upgrading Qube2 3.99CD?
To: Glyn Astill <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 08/08/2006 13:11:18
You shall use pkgsrc:


Glyn Astill wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I spent a bit of time tonight and followed Pete Rushmeres guide to
> getting the Qube set up, thanks for that Pete.
> However I started to stumble a bit when I got to the section
> installing samba and apache, I didn't even manage to find the source
> to install these. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
> I had a look at and tried to get a tarball of the source,
> but I just couldn't find it. There were instructions to getting it
> from SVN but I haven't got an svn client on the qube, theres a CVS
> though.
> Any pointers, especially explicit ones for a dummy would really be
> appreciated.
> Regards
> Glyn
> --- Glyn Astill <> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Thanks for all the replies, I've only just acquired the qube and I
>> want to get the basics up and running pretty quick.
>> I've done the install with the 3.99 CD and all seemed to go okay,
>> so
>> now I've just got to set it all up. I really didn't have too much
>> time to look at it after I did the install but I did rlogin and do
>> "man afterinstall" but it said no manual was found.
>> I've found a few guides etc around (I'm not being lazy honest!) but
>> if people could post their links to any reading material they have
>> I'd appreciate it. I don't intend it do go under any heavy load but
>> what I really want to do it stick apache,php&mysql on it and also
>> samba. If poss a mail server too (can I use xmail?).
>> Is there anything I can do to get the lcd to do more than display
>> the
>> IP of eth0? Getting the buttons going would be nice; I'm prepared
>> to
>> be quite adventurous here.
>> Any other web based management utils out there?=20
>> Cheers
>> Glyn
>> --- John Margaritis <> wrote:
>>>> I read somewhere that webmin causes the Qube to almost grind to
>> a
>>>> halt. Would anyone here care to comment on this?
>>> 'Twas I, 'Twas I Pete.
>>> I didn't have much RAM in it then (only 16 MB), but the Qube was
>>> choking big
>>> time when the webmin server was running.  It's a pig!  I even
>>> loaded the
>>> 'minimal' version and it was still bad.  Even if you plan to max
>>> out your
>>> Qube to 256 MB of RAM, I still wouldn't recommend installing
>> Webmin
>>> on it...
>>> ...especially if you want to load a different theme (skin) that
>>> won't
>>> entirely disgrace your eyes (the default Webmin GUI looks like
>>> poo).  Put
>>> webmin on a P3 Linux server or something similar, but forget
>> about
>>> it on the
>>> Qube2.
>>> Also Glyn, Webmin was designed primarily for Linux and though it
>>> does its
>>> best to guess NetBSD file/directory resources, it's just not that
>>> good at
>>> it.  I'm sure this is fixable with command-line edits of the
>>> appropriate
>>> Webmin config files, but I don't see much point.  The author says
>>> it works
>>> best on Red Hat Linux and Sun OS.
>>> Because I'm a UNIX newbie, I installed Webmin right after fresh
>>> install of
>>> NetBSD 2.0 (a while back) out of fear that I wouldn't be able to
>> do
>>> anything
>>> on my server without a GUI, but... it turns out after learning
>>> mostly from
>>> Pete's Terraqube website (and, of course, from the folks on the
>>> NetBSD
>>> cobalt list) that NetBSD's command line really isn't too bad.  I
>>> would never
>>> consider putting the Qube through such terrible horrors ever,
>> ever
>>> again; I
>>> even promised it I wouldn't.
>>> Check this out... a Mac mini 'server' with Webmin:
>>> This article cautions against keeping the Webmin server running
>>> unless you
>>> have 1 GB of RAM!!  And keep in mind that's on a G4 Mac;
>> technology
>>> that is
>>> seven years newer and with ~ 6 X the cpu frequency of the Qube2
>>> (250 MHz).
>>> Webmin is very resource hungry, if you do go through with this,
>>> have
>>> patience and go strong friend, go strong.
>>> John
>>> On 8/5/06, Pete Rushmere <> wrote:
>>>> At 19:57 04/08/2006, Justin Newcomer wrote:
>>>>> However, there are web interfaces for configuring a server,
>> such
>>> as
>>>>> webmin, which can be installed if you install from the 3.99
>>> restore
>>>>> cd.
>>>> Hi,
>>>>          I read somewhere that webmin causes the Qube to almost
>>> grind to a
>>>> halt. Would anyone here care to comment on this?
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Pete.
>> =09
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