Subject: Re: Compiled packages
To: None <>
From: Francis Koclas <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 05/19/2006 02:58:28
RenÚ M°lsted wrote:
> Hi all
> Just got my dear old RaQ2 back up running (NetBSD 3.0). For the last few 
> days I've been building some packages if anyone is interested?!
> Unfortunately due to firewall restrictions I'm not able to publish them 
> online (yet atleast - working on this).
> My only concerns towards hosting the packages from my home server, is 
> that I have limited bandwidth and traffic. Alternative solutions are 
> welcome ;o)

I also put up packages which I use on my Qube2. List is available here :

Make sure to read READ_ME.TXT

They're all compiled with:
-march=mips3 -mtune=r5k -mabi=32 -O2 -fforce-addr

except for those dated 25-Apr-2006 and older, which didn't have 
-march=mips3 in the flags. I did some testing with digest, and this flag 
greatly sped up verifying checksums and such. I tried with -march=r5k 
and -march=mips4 and it makes broken executables. mips3 works fine and 
speeds up some tasks..

I keep my pkgsrc up to date (sync once a week or so), and make new 
binary packages available once they're compiled.