Subject: libgpg-error build issue
To: NetBSD Cobalt list <>
From: Brian McEwen <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/30/2006 22:34:55
Hi; anyone have a workaround for this?

from -current pkgsrc as of late April  (how do I check when last I  
did a cvs update, anyway-- short of a paper log ;)



===> Extracting for libgcrypt-1.2.2nb1
===> Required package libgpg-error>=1.0nb1: NOT found
===> Verifying reinstall for ../../security/libgpg-error
make: "../../mk/tools/../../mk/tools/../../mk/tools/../../mk/tools/" line 154: Malformed conditional (($ 
{_TOOLS_DEPMETHOD.gawk} == "BUILD_DEPENDS") &&  defined 
make: "../../mk/tools/../../mk/tools/../../mk/tools/../../mk/tools/" line 154: Missing dependency operator
make: "../../mk/tools/../../mk/tools/" line 219: if-less  
make: "../../mk/tools/../../mk/tools/" line 219: Need an  
make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue