Subject: Re: Panic when bringing up network bridge (my bad..)
To: NetBSD Cobalt list <>
From: Francis Koclas <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/26/2006 21:01:14
Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> Did you take 3) and 5) on the different powercycle?
> (Numbers of interrupts shouldn't be decreased)
> If so, can you check them in the single line as I wrote:
> # vmstat -c 3 -i 1 ; brconfig bridge0 up ; vmstat -c 3 -i 1
> (or with more counts)

Yeah that was actually after a reboot. The first time I tried I thought 
the Qube2 was crashed. I tried again and I get the same crazy numbers.

> Yes, but it doesn't happen on my RaQ2, so it's Qube 2 specific
> or there is something which triggers it on your network environment
> or settings.

You were right.. and the reason is fairly obvious!! Two cables got mixed 
up on the other end, so it ended up as having both the primary and 
secondary ports connected to the same switch. I guess this would end up 
creating a routing loop! (gj Francis!)

There is still one problem however.. with the bridge running, the 
interfaces keep coming up and down at what appears to be random intervals.

Anyhow.. that was just for playing around with routing, in my case 
forwarding is more appropriate (since I have different subnets).

I'll post another topic on forwarding tonight.