Subject: 3.0 Question
To: None <>
From: Kenneth Persing <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/04/2006 13:18:57
  I am upgrading my Qube2 (I actually bought a new one to install 3.0 
on, then I plan to swap them out). I want to use packet filter on the 
3.0 qube, and need to have answers to a couple of multiple choice 

1. LKM's are:
   a. not functional in the cobalt port
   b. functional in the cobalt port, but not in the generic kernel.
   c. functional in the GENERIC kernel, and I'm just an idiot that 
can't figure out how to enable it.
   d. Cowboy Neal

2. packet filter:
   a. can be enabled by loading the LKM pf.o located in /usr/lkm/
   b. can only be enabled by compiling it directly into the kernel, the 
file pf.o located in /usr/lkm/ is just a red herring to get me to waste 
my time.
   c. can be enabled by loading the LKM pf.o only after you recompile 
the kernel to enable loadable modules (see question 1), but if you're 
going to be recompiling your kernel anyway, why bother with LKM, just 
compile pf directly into the kernel?
   d. just use ipf, who cares about the future.

Please let me know.



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