Subject: Re: Restore CD: New build script, 3.99.17 iso
To: Dennis Chernoivanov <>
From: Pete Rushmere <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 04/02/2006 12:35:02

         While I haven't looked at the script, I thought I'd give your new 
restore cd a try.

         The install went well, although very slowly. Something has 
evidently changed in the 'formatting' of the Qube's drive, my test Qube has 
a 40GB unit, which took a good hour and a half to complete. The same unit 
and 1.6.1 takes around 15 minutes, however, I personally don't see this as 
a problem, just worthy of a mention.

         I like the improved messages during install, I know a lot of 
people ignore the lcd display, but it can be invaluable. It's also good to 
see you have fixed paneld, I don't think the buttons have worked correctly 
since 2.0

         Biggest fix for 3.0 - the Qube obtains an IP via dhcp after it's 
first reboot - thanks for fixing that.

         Thanks once again for all your work and another great restore cd.

Good to hear from you,
Kind Regards,

At 14:44 01/04/2006, Dennis Chernoivanov wrote:

>As a proof of concept here is a CD with a 10 days old 3.99.17 build:
>Comments, suggestions, critique are really appreciated.