Subject: Utility similar to DenyHosts
To: NetBSD-cobalt <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/28/2006 23:04:55
I don't mean to spam or anything like that and sorry if it comes out 
this way.

I noticed that someone before asked about utility similar to DenyHosts. 
It happened that I wrote such a tool to use on my Qube. It has just core 
functionality of DenyHosts but it is very small and light weight. The 
utility is written in awk and bash. I used the awk version that comes 
pre-installed on netbsd not the gnu awk. Bash part is very minimal so 
any sh compatible shell should work.

You can download this tool at

I hope it would be useful to someone and appreciate any feedback as well 
as suggestions for the new features.