Subject: can't connect to mysql from php ,NetBSD 3.0
To: None <>
From: Jahislove <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/09/2006 20:57:25
hello all ,

i am under NetBSD 3.0
and i have installed apache/php/mysql as described on this wiki

/usr/pkgsrc/www/ap-php      (Installing the PHP Module for Apache)

apache work fine
php work fine
mysql work fine

but it seem that i can't access database from a php script

this little script (test.php) return  only "test1" and not "test2"

$host = "localhost";
$login = "compteur";
$password = "xxxxxx";
$database = "compteur";
$table = "nb_connect";

echo "test1";

$db = mysql_connect($host, $login, $password)
or die("Impossible de se connecter : ".mysql_error());

echo "test2";


mysql_query("INSERT INTO $table VALUES('','blabla','30')")
or die("error : ".mysql_error());

$update = mysql_insert_id();

any idea of the problem?
is it possible that the ap-php isn't working and i must install a 
php-mysql module?