Subject: Re: Restore CD for NetBSD 3 Qube2
To: <>
From: Jeremy (mailing list account) <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 03/08/2006 20:18:01
Brian McEwen wrote:
> Surely there's a process for getting things like this to the big 
> site in the sky?  that IMO is where it belongs- why have some 
> new person coming in, only have access to old material?
> Brian

I've made numerous attempts to get in touch with the guys at NetBSD 
about this problem and have always had my emails forwarded to the port 
maintainer for the Cobalt port...    And that's where it dies.    No 
reply.   No error messages.   It's an email black hole.   The website 
for the port, the document and the restore CD on the NetBSD site are all 
out of date.   I've said that I'd gladly update the site and upload the 
new restore images if given the appropriate access to do so for the 
port...  Nothing.

I guess I can make another plea to get something rolling...