Subject: Re: Disk size limitation ?
To: Andy Davidson <>
From: Kevin Lahey <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 02/18/2006 10:51:57
On Sat, 18 Feb 2006 18:00:20 +0000
Andy Davidson <> wrote:

> A slightly tired raq2 would make an ideal dev environment for one of my
> projects.  I want to replace the disk, because the one which shipped
> with the device is starting to fail.

> Is anyone running a RAQ2 with a disk of this size ?  I'm starting to
> feel that I may have hit a limit with this 80GB drive .. ?

I booted a RAQ2 last week with a 120GB disk set to IDE master.  I would
imagine it should just work, unless there's some sort of weird variability
across different RAQ2s.  I wonder if the initial install didn't get screwed
up because of the jumper settings on the disk.  Does a reinstall work?