Subject: SMTP Auth
To: NetBSD Cobalt <>
From: <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 02/15/2006 17:12:01
Hi all,

I'd like to setup SMTP auth on my NetBSD Qube2 to tighten up mail
security.  I found a nice guide for this here:

The example in this guide installs the cy2-login module for LOGIN
authentication.  I checked the DESCR file for cy2-login (in
/pkgsrc/security/cy2-login) which states:

> This is the Cyrus SASL plugin that implements the LOGIN authentication
> mechanism.  It's recommended that it only be used if absolutely necessary
> since it is not a secure authentication scheme.

...while the DESCR file for the cy2-plain module does not have this
additional 'not secure' qualifier (for that matter, neither do any of
the other cy2 family plugins).

I'm hesitant to install cy2-login because of this and would like to
know if I can still use these same instructions for cy2-plain.  Also,
what is the functional difference between these two and what is the
end result in setting up windows/mac email clients?  i.e. mac mail has
multiple options for SMTP auth, would I use 'Password' with cy2-plain?

Also, slightly off topic (sorry)... in a situation where spammers
emails are spoofed as coming from 'my' domain, does limiting relays to
my domain alone still prevent spammers from using my SMTP server?  I'm
not sure about that and this is the main reason I want to setup SMTP
auth.  If I'm wrong about this, please let me know.

Any other resources on setting up postfix would be appreciated.

Thank you,