Subject: NetBSD 3.0 FeedBack
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/11/2006 00:03:35
Good job folks,

After some stressing situation due to a corrupt pkgsrc !!! or wrong one idon't
really know. But please use the package 'pkgsrc-2005Q4.tar.gz'for your pkgsrc
source tree.
My blue box that is nick name became to live with all the previous services

gmake-3.80nb4       GNU version of 'make' utility
dnsmasq-2.23        Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder
audit-packages-1.41 Tools to show vulnerabilities in installed packages
libtool-base-1.5.18nb6 Generic shared library support script (the script itself)
pcre-6.4nb1         Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
cyrus-sasl-2.1.20nb2 Simple Authentication and Security Layer
postfix-2.2.6       Postfix SMTP server and tools
readline-5.0        GNU library that can recall and edit previous input
imap-uw-2004enb2    University of Washington's IMAP, POP2, and POP3 servers
bash-    The GNU Bourne Again Shell
perl-5.8.7nb6       Practical Extraction and Report Language
squid-2.5.12nb3     Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator
rsync-2.6.6nb1      Network file distribution/synchronisation utility
wget-1.10.2         Retrieve files from the 'net via HTTP and FTP
db3-3.11.2nb3       Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 3
squidGuard-1.2.0nb3 Ultrafast and free filter, redirector and access controller

I also could observe like claudio already mention, with several concurent
compilation the swap seems to be never used btw the memory never go below

Is someone using USB device with this kernel.

Thank's all

Still using Cobalt Qube 2 Hardware with 160go HDD, 256 Mo RAM.