Subject: Re: Announcement: NetBSD/cobalt 3.0 restore CD
To: None <>
From: Rowdy <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/04/2006 17:06:36
Andrew L. Gould wrote:
>> 2. sometimes the appliance, after reboot, is not able to obtain an
>> IP address via DHCP, and it is necessary to connect via the serial
>> port to complete the installation
> I'm having the "unknown host" problem; and I've never connected via a
>  serial port.  What application is used to connect via the serial
> port? Cu, minicom and screen do not appear to be available on the
> restore cd.  Can anyone point me to a How-To for this? The networking
> how-to's on the NetBSD site seem to focus on ethernet networking.
> Thanks,
> Andrew

After booting the restore CD, you should be able to press 'q' to quit
less, login as root, and type 'tip qube' to connect via the first serial
port on the machine running the restore CD.  That should, of course, be
connected to the appliance's serial port.