Subject: Re: Announcement: NetBSD/cobalt 3.0 restore CD
To: Andrew L. Gould <>
From: Daniel Ouellet <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/04/2006 00:50:48
Andrew L. Gould wrote:
> I'm having the "unknown host" problem; and I've never connected via a
> serial port.  What application is used to connect via the serial port?
> Cu, minicom and screen do not appear to be available on the restore
> cd.  Can anyone point me to a How-To for this? The networking how-to's
> on the NetBSD site seem to focus on ethernet networking.

After your box reboot and you have that. Just reboot your station that 
you use for the server i386 into Windows, as I assume you have a Windows 
computer, then simply use the hyper terminal from it! Piece of cake!

Just connect your serial port to the Cobalt at 115,000 8N1 and you are 
in business.