Subject: NetBSD 3.0 restore CD - instructions.txt
To: None <>
From: Rowdy <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 01/02/2006 12:52:45

On the restore CD is a file /root/instructions.txt containing a lot of
information.  Once the restore CD is booted, this file is shown to the
user via 'less'.

I have expanded on it slightly, including a few snippets of information
I found useful.

The full proposed text appears below, for comments or suggestions.  The 
text might get wrapped by various email clients, the text does appear 
coherent, and the longest line is the first line of '====' at 79 characters.


1. Is the 'NetBSD Foundation' reference at the top correct/permissable?

2. Do either Dennis or Alex object to being included in the credits :) ?

3. Any other comments or suggestions.



The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
NetBSD/cobalt Installation CD [3.0 Release]

Welcome to the NetBSD/cobalt installation.

This file is brought to you by 'less', press <space> to read more.

Minimum System Requirements

Intel-Compatible PC Desktop or Laptop with

  - At least one network card

Computer MUST be CD-ROM-bootable.

Installation Limitations

Please note that this restore CD is targetted at Cobalt MIPS-based 
and clones (e.g. Gateway Microserver).  Intel-based server appliances cannot
be installed using this CD-ROM.

Installation Instructions

APPLIANCE'S HARD DRIVE.  Ensure you have sufficient backups before starting
the installation.

1.      Connect this computer to the server appliance using either a 
         cable or hub/switch.

2.      Turn on the server appliance while simultaneously pressing and 
         down both the left (<) and right (>) arrow buttons on the LCD 

3.      Continue holding down both the left (<) and right (>) arrow buttons
         until "Net Booting" appears on the LCD display, then release the

4.      Wait until the box reboots.  Finally, the box host name and IP 
         should appear on the LCD screen.  This indicates installation 

Warning: Please note that the installation process may take a while.  Do not
interrupt it until it is finished.

Warning: A freshly installed box is configured as a DHCP client i.e. it 
to obtain its IP address over the network from a DHCP server.  To disable
this, change /etc/rc.conf to contain "dhclient=NO" line.

5.      BE AWARE that a newly installed box is left in a highly insecure 
         All ttys are open by default and allow root access over the 
         Also, telnet and rlogin ports are open.  This is done to allow you
         to login into the fresh box in order to make necessary 
         changes.  Please do not forget to bring your box to a secure state.

6.      type 'man afterboot' and start reading :)  Some of the 
information is
         not applicable to the cobalt architecture, but will give you some
         background information on configuring NetBSD in general.

This file is permanently available as /root/instructions.txt on this restore

Monitoring the Installation

If your appliance has a serial port and you want to use it to monitor the
installation (or to login after installation has finished), connect a PC or
terminal to the serial port and configure as 115200 8N1.


Q: Installation seem to go smoothly, but after reboot I am seeing

         "Jump_to_Real_Kernel: disk error, trying BFD again"

A: This may be a problem with the hard drive configuration. Here is
    an advice from debian-mips list:

    Check the jumpers on your hard drive.  The jumper on my Qube's hard
    drive had settings for "Primary" and for "Only disk in the chain".  I
    had it set to "primary" which let me install things, but wouldn't
    boot.  I had to put it on "Only disk" to get a boot.  This cost me
    three days :(

Q: Installation was ok, but the boot loader doesn't seem to boot a kernel

A: Please report this to  In the meantime, use the
    following workaround:

    - Connect a PC or terminal to the appliance's serial port (115200 8N1)
    - Reboot or power-cycle the box
    - When Cobalt's banner "We serve it, you surf it" appears, hit space bar
    - In PROM console, type

         bfd /boot/netbsd-INSTALL.gz

    - When kernel is booted, login as root, mount /dev/wd0e partition 
and set
      up all vmlinux* links to point to netbsd.gz:

         # mount /dev/wd0e /mnt
         # cd /mnt/boot
         # rm vmlinux.gz
         # ln netbsd-INSTALL.gz vmlinux.gz
         # rm vmlinux_raq-2800.gz
         # ln netbsd-INSTALL.gz vmlinux_raq-2800.gz

Please report any problems not covered by this section to

Further Information
=================== - the NetBSD home page - the NetBSD/cobalt port page - the NetBSD/cobalt FAQ

man afterboot - general instructions on configuring a fresh NetBSD install

man boot - detailed description of Cobalt boot process


Cobalt Networks, Inc. -- first and foremost, for the idea of this 
Beside of the idea, many configuration files were taken out of the original
Cobalt OS Restore CD and modified to work with NetBSD.

NetBSD Cobalt users -- for testing and many useful suggestions. Without you,
this work would have never been done!

Dennis Chernoivanov -- for the NetBSD 1.6 restore CD on which many 
restore CDs were based.

Alex Pelts -- for the excellent instructions on how to create a restore CD.