Subject: current sup appears to be broken.
To: NetBSD-cobalt <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 12/26/2005 13:16:55
I am not sure where to post this message so I am posting it here.

I upgraded to netbsd-3-0 and was trying to upgrade my pkgsrc so I can 
recompile the packages. Here is transcript of my session:

bash-2.05b# sup -fvv -N -o
SUP 8.26 (4.3 BSD) for file at Dec 26 20:44:18
SUP Upgrade of current-pkgsrc at Mon Dec 26 20:44:19 2005
SUP Fileserver 8.13 (4.3 BSD) 17393 on at 20:44:19
SUP Requesting changes since Jan  1 00:00:00 1970
SUP Using compressed file transfer
SUP Would create symbolic link pkgsrc to ../../pkgsrc/current/pkgsrc
SUP Upgrade of current-pkgsrc completed at Dec 26 20:44:20 2005

After reading manual page for sup and examining using my 
web browser, I believe the configuration file for sup is broken. The 
problem may be caused by line "rsymlink pkgsrc" in file.

The pkgsrc directory is a symlink so sup is trying to recreate this symlink.

Please forward this email in to apropriate list and if possible fix the 

Here is the supfile that I am using. I have been using this file for a 
while now and it have not caused me any problems before:

current release=pkgsrc hostbase=/ftp/pub \
base=/usr prefix=/usr use-rel-suffix compress delete