Subject: Re: RTC fails
To: <>
From: Christopher Schultz <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 12/09/2005 18:06:14
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> There is another way, using the serial console at boot:
> Cobalt: ?
> ?                       - This menu
> r[b,w,l] address        - Read byte, word, or long from address
> w[b,w,l] address data   - Write byte, word, or long data to address
> dm address n            - Display n bytes of memory from address
> readrtc                 - Read time and date from the RTC
> writertc YYMMDDWHHmmSS  - Write time and date to the RTC

Hmm... not sure why this got cut off but the rest of the message was:

> It looks like you can read and write the RTC directly from the boot
> prompt. Try to read it (it will likely give you an invalid value), and
> then set it to something more correct. Reboot and cross your fingers  ;) 


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