Subject: Re: RTC fails
To: <>
From: Christopher Schultz <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 12/09/2005 17:56:13
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>>> 16.RTC Test..............................**FAIL**
>>> I already replaced the battery, alas with no success. Any idea, what's
>>> wrong with my qube?
>> Perhaps your battery replacement requires a reset of the clock in order
>> for the test to [ed:pass]. Will the qube boot? I think there's a utility that
>> will set the hardware clock to the current OS clock, or maybe even set
>> it directly.
>> Try that and reboot to see if the RTC is okay, then.
> yes the unit boots fine. Isn't there something like 'hwclock' in netbsd?
> 'date' doesn't seem to do the job.

Unfortunately, my Qube has been off for months, so I don't have a NetBSD
rig to use for testing. I know that there is at least one utility that
will let you change some hardware settings -- I seem to remember being
able to set the serial port speeds that way.

There is another way, using the serial console at boot:

Cobalt: ?
?                       - This menu
r[b,w,l] address        - Read byte, word, or long from address
w[b,w,l] address data   - Write byte, word, or long data to address
dm address n            - Display n bytes of memory from address
readrtc                 - Read time and date from the RTC
writertc YYMMDDWHHmmSS  - Write time and date to the RTC