Subject: Re: Some general questions about cobalt
To: janko knops <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 11/18/2005 20:59:37
janko knops wrote:
>>2. Even though the Qube has a PCI slot, it seems like there are a lot
>>of things that are not included that could be as far as PCI devices. A
>>USB/1394 card comes to mind. USB support doesn't exist in cobalt for
>>some reason. Is there a reason for this? I tried to get it working at
>>one point and I added in includes to the USB code, and the onboard USB
>>adapter was recognized as well as my card, but I don't know how to
>>make device nodes.
> For this part (I'll just presume netbsd still works mainly like linux ;)
> *flame flame :P*) isn't hotplug needed ? So it will recognize your
> usb-hardware ? 

Just add the USB stuff to the kernel and make the device nodes.
(If the major numbers are not defined you need to add those too.)

I guess they are not there because the Qube doesn't normally have
any USB ports.

	-- lennart