Subject: Re: Net boot question
To: Christopher Schultz <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 11/14/2005 20:58:40

> Agreed. VMWare, for example, will let you run a VM created by not only
> it's own brethren, but some other products as well (like MS's VM). IT's
> free, too! I tried QEMU in the past some some simple stuff, but I went
> crazy because it didn't appear to allow direct access to the floppy and
> CD-ROM drives. Kind of a pain when trying to install an old copy of
> Windows 3.1 :)
What do you mean when you say that VMWare is free? As far as I know it 
is realtively expensive. Player is free, but I don't think vmware is free.
I wanted to use free (as in beer) product so anyone could reproduce this.

I did not get far with QEMU, tap driver under windows did not want to 
work and I could not pin mountd to a specific port. This option is only 
available in current. So I could not even mount the nfs share. The cool 
thing is that netbsd under QEMU installs nicely and works well. I only 
tried 2.1 i386 though. If you want to serve something like http, it 
would work rather well. If someone manages to break in just reboot fresh 
copy and you are back online.

> That sucks. Was it a driver problem or a usage problem?
The driver would comeup and there would be an interface but dhcp would 
not be bound to it and it would not have an IP. I booted with the card 
in the slot so it should of worked.