Subject: Net boot question
To: NetBSD <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 11/12/2005 12:34:50
Due to my resent problems with netbsd upgrade (probably my fault so 
don't flame me please) I desided to depvelop recovery strategy.

Well, my other problem is that I run windows at home and windows does 
not make for good nfs host. BUT cygwin does.
So far my progress have been very encouraging:
1. I got nfs working on cygwin
2. I was able to mount it from the qube and get uid/gid mapped correctly 
so they show up as root/wheel. Device nodes are checked and served 
3. I found dhcpd server and was able to compile it and actually got it 
4. I was able to start netboot and get some progress on this.

My ultimate goal is to provide netboot environment for qube hosted on 
cygwin. This way you are not limited to unix-like os to netboot a qube, 
which is a good thing IMHO. I also want to write a howto document with 
enough details so anyone can reproduce it. Plus I will try to host all 
the needed files that I created during this process.

Now for my problem:

The kernel I compiled for that purpose will not boot :(. It boots 
perfectly from hard drive but will not boot from nfs. I have no idea 
why. I am 100% sertain that nfs boot is working fine. I got an old 
kernel from 2.0 restore cd that I made earlier and that would boot but 
will not load init because of a new userland (2.1). I will try to get 
the whole userland that matches this kernel and try again.

I build a custom 2.1 kernel because GENERIC is too big to boot on qube 
using native bootloader. I probably took out more than I should. Last 
thing I see from that kernel is :

invalid bootinfo (standalone boot?)
[ Kernel symbol table missing! ]

And that is it. Anyone could enlighten me on what must be included in 
kernel in order for it to boot over nfs? It is still possible that the 
kernel is just too big. Mine is slightly under 1 meg compressed.