Subject: Re: Why did I upgrade? Non stop problems!
To: Andy Ruhl <>
From: Alex Pelts <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 11/07/2005 22:24:51
Sorry guys, that was a useless rant. I was tired and frustrated. I never 
had it that bad with linux, but I think, I could always boot from CD and 
recover the system. The problem with Qube that there is no cd to boot 
from. Next thing on my list is to make one based on restore cd. I 
suspected I would need one some day but could not get around to making one.

Any way, I am back in business. The compile problem, that I had, was 
extraneous include file left by netbsd-current after a downgrade. After 
I cooled down a bit, it took me a few minutes to find and cleanup the 
file. I just compared list of files in sets with what I have on disk and 
realized I have a few extras. I just removed few directories and 
extracted some sets again.

Is there a standard utility that would do this work for me? Sorry I am 
still getting used to netbsd after many years with linux. I am thinking 
of writing one if there isn't one already. What I am looking for is a 
utility that after unpacking the sets would go over the file list and 
find all files that aren't from the sets. This list can be passed to 
xargs rm, after some adjustments of course.

Hubert you are completely right telling me "no data->no help". I have 
been answering linux questions on irc and various mailing lists long 
enough to know that :).

Thanks for your help and sorry about the rant.


Andy Ruhl wrote:
> On 11/7/05, Hubert Feyrer <> wrote:
>>On Mon, 7 Nov 2005, Alex Pelts wrote:
>>>After compiling new 2.1 kernel and booting it, I unpacked the sets checked
>>>rc.conf and rebooted the box. The kernel would not come up! I tried to pass
>>>parameter to boot 1.6.2 kernel, I preserved but the shell would exit with
>>>signal 12 (What is signal 12 on netbsd by the way?).
>>chimay-bleu% grep 12 /usr/include/sys/signal.h
>>#define SIGSYS          12      /* bad argument to system call */
>>That's what you get if you have new userland and old kernel.
>>A bit more data on "the kernel would not come up!" would be helpful. (No
>>actually, a LOT more information would be necessary to help you ... )
>>>I though the problems are over. Wrong! After downloading current pkgsrc using
>>>sup nothing compiles! I mean nothing out of pkgsrc.
>>>Some sort of include file confict. After being impressed by netbsd for more
>>>than a year I am not that imressed anymore. I think netbsd needs cleaner
>>>upgrade procedure!
>>Again, no data -> no help. "nothing compiles" is a useless statement if
>>you really want help.
>>>How do you clean files off the machine before unpacking sets? There seems to
>>>be a conflict of some sort.
>>You don't need to "clean files off". Unpack the sets with "tar --unlink",
>>then maybe run postinstall to clean any obsolete files. And look what you
>>want to do with etc, of course - either use etcupdate or postinstall, too