Subject: installation on a Qube 2 with 32M 5V RAM (was: installation on a
To: None <>
From: Rowdy <>
List: port-cobalt
Date: 09/16/2005 15:23:54
Rowdy wrote:
> Then I checked the EDO RAM I have lying around (pulled from an old 
> Digital server) and it is described as:
> Part Number = MT4C4M4E8DJ6
> Description = General Purpose Dynamic RAM - EDO Page Mode
> Nom. Supp (V) = 5.0
> I inserted 2 sticks of the latter into the Qube, bringing the 
> theoretical total up to 32M, rebooted, and so far (nearly 30 minutes 
> later) the Qube has been running quite happily.
> I'll not leave it running overnight, but I will leave it on tomorrow 
> morning, and if no problems have occurred I might attempt the NetBSD 
> install (using the 20050714 restore CD).
> Rowdy

Heh, I chickened out and installed NetBSD with the 32M 5V RAM installed, 
and I swapped the hard drive for a spare 5400rpm 20G that I had laying 

So far so good, the installation went smoothly (many thanx to those 
involved in the original and the 20050714 restore CDs, and also the 
Cobalt engineers for designing such an elegant OS installation 
methodology), and the Qube is currently compiling MRTG (+ Perl + gd + 
freetype2 + ...).

Would it be of value to anyone if I attempted the install with only 16M 
RAM?  I can do so before putting the lid back on the Qube with a minimum 
of fuss (swap the original RAM back and install a spare 2G HDD).